Quality Gemstones

Colored gemstones have been a rising trend among stars and fashion influencers. We love the new fashions incorporating luxurious gems into high fashion and even bridal looks. If you note our previous post we touched on many stars getting gemstone engagement rings instead of conventional diamond rings. Not all gemstones are created equal, the quality of a colored gem is a delicate combination of many factors. This post is to help ensure shoppers will get the best quality gem for what they are paying. Enjoy.

The factors that directly affect the appearance of a gemstone is a very detailed grading process. There are four C’s when it comes to grading a gem. Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight are all equally importance.


For any colored gemstone, color is key. You must look at hue, saturation, and tone. The color of a gem must correspond to a color on the color wheel. Quality gems typically only closely resemble the primary colors red, green, and blue (RGB). Of course some color is purely personal preference but generally speaking  the variation considered the best is always closer to it’s direct primary color. Saturation explains the richness of a colored gem. Typically fine jewelry gems have a higher saturation of color. Tone is referring to the lightness or darkness of a color. Look for stones with an even look under various lighting.


Gemstone jewelry is another critically important aspect that affects durability and final grading. The smaller the number of inclusions the better. You do not want to see any unhealed cracks; the smoother the appearance the better the durability.


Shape is everything for many gemstone enthusiasts since it’s revered shape is the outline of the gem. Typically speaking, rounds and emerald shapes are rarer than oval styles. Symmetry, length to width ration, and depth percentage are also critical grading factors that influence a well cut gemstone.

Carat Weight:

For a gemstone, weight is calculated using carats which 5 carats equals one gram. In the market for gemstones, weight can in fact have the biggest influence on price. For example, a 0.99ct stone might be worth must less than a 1.05ct stone due to repolishing and the type of scale

For a gemstone, weight is calculated using carats which 5 carats equals one gram. In the market for gemstones, weight can in fact have the biggest influence on price. For example, a 0.99ct stone might be worth must less than a 1.05ct stone due to repolishing and the type of scale

Fashion from the 2014 Grammy’s

Who got a chance to watch the Grammy’s last Sunday night?  The performances were amazing especially from Jay-Z and Beyonce! Of course what we’re most interested in at award shows is always the fashion so here’s our recap of favorite fashion highlights from the gorgeous stars that attended the show.

 Lady in Red

We loved seeing the color red on tons of stars that night. Our favorites were the floor length red gowns worn by Pink and Miranda Lambert. Red is always a daring color to wear and we love how it was worn just before Lunar New Year! You can get similar looks with side-swept hair and red lipstick for an alluring makeup look.


We loved seeing metallic dresses on the red carpet as well.  Taylor swift looked amazing in Gucci and Rita Ora looked daring in a glimmering metallic green frock. Ciara also glowed with a glimmering gold beaded gown. We think this look is best paired with an understated hair and makeup look and a healthy peachy glow.

Sparkly Dresses

(Photo Credit: USMagazine.com)

What was your favorite look from the Grammy’s? Share with us in the comments below!

Picking the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day always seems to sneak up on consumers because it’s right after the holiday season and people are often low on spending money and gift ideas for that special someone. For the man in your life, its always nice to give an upgraded watch or wardrobe staple.  Lucky Stone Heart Stud Earrings 4.28 ctw in Sterling Silver (805121)

For her it’s a little bit more complicated of course. You can impress her with a dazzling pair of earrings which is chic and can still hold sentimental value. If she likes more color, our selection of gemstone jewelry is also a great option. Our special Lucky Stone is something truly original and is sure to get a positive reaction. Lucky Stone Solitaire Heart Ring 3.62 ctw with Created Diamond Accent in Sterling Silver (818168)

One tip we feel we must stress is always consider the length of the relationship before buying a gift. You want to commensurate with the level of your relationships.  If you are in a new relationship keep your gift lighthearted and playful to avoid sounding too serious. If you are in a long term relationship we suggest going for a special sentimental card, a Hallmark card that has a handwritten message.

Whatever you choose, try to be creative and have fun with this holiday! Share with us your favorite Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments below! Happy shopping!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day is just a little less than a month away. Do you know what you’ll be doing with your significant other?  Maybe you don’t have the time or funds to get her a gigantic diamond anniversary ring but you can get her something from the heart to show her how much she means to you. We suggest something heart shaped such as a keepsake pendant or promise ring to remind her how much she means to you. We’ve also compiled some romantic little things you can do to show her you care.

Created Diamonds Double Heart Chain Necklace 0.28 ctw in Sterling Silver (097127)
Diamond Heart Shaped Necklace 0.025 ctw in Sterling Silver with Chain (314127)

1. Take your love on a scavenger hunt and help them solve cute riddles until they find the present you have for them.

2. Surprise him or her with a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast in a romantic place.

3.  Treat your spouse to a romantic dinner and a movie.

These are just some sweet little ideas to show your significant other you care. Remember just because a day is dedicated to love once a year doesn’t mean that this day should be the only time to do something special. Practice spreading love and showing kindness each and every single day this year.

Golden Globe Fashion Trends

At last Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony the red carpet had tons of gorgeous stars sparkling in gorgeous jewelry and dresses. We have compiled our list of the most standout trends from the event below.

1. Red Dresses

We loved seeing this trend out on the red carpet because it’s so appropriate for the season! Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate then donning a dashing crimson frock.

2. Light Colors

We love seeing nude silhouettes in a classy cut. Actresses such as Margot Robbie from the new movie “Wolf of Wall Street” looked amazing in a sleek Gucci number with Emerald embellishments.

3. Color Blocking

The trend is always popular in the spring, we loved seeing it on stars such as Taylor Swift.  We saw monochromatic variations, black and white renditions, and also vibrant hues such as pink and purple.

The Golden Globes ceremony boasted tons of wearable fashion and jewelry trends that can easily be translated into an everyday look. We also loved the chic statement earrings and hair buns many actresses wore that evening. What was your favorite trend of the night? Share with us in the comments below.