Butterflies are an insect of marvelous serenity and intriguing mystery. Over the decades, many jewelry designs have been inspired by the intricate blend of colors that adorn the dainty wings of this insect. A butterfly also signifies gracefulness, genuine beauty, and lightness of being. They follow the movement of the wind, dancing from flower to flower until they find a place to call home.

A gorgeous array of butterflies has also lit up collections all over Paris this past fashion week. Valentino‘s collection was clearly visually inspired by the majestic colors of the rainbow rendered on the wings of butterflies that was beautiful from the front, but stunning from the back. Gemorie designers were so captivated by these amazing creatures that their majestic beauty inspired our new line of butterfly fine jewelry. Our head designers posses a renowned visual eye and skillful attention to detail when creating fine jewelry pieces. Incorporating a gorgeous, understated butterfly feature on a ring or pendant is enough to engage in the emerging insect trend without letting it overpower one’s ensemble.

This season, our designers have been equally fanatic about the ethereal butterfly that they released them on various gemstone rings, diamond pendants, and diamond and 18k white gold earrings. Butterflies bring together fashion influence from both Eastern culture and Western aesthetics, fusing ancient design aesthetics with modern craftsmanship.