Inspired by the refined sense of style and class on the fashionable streets of Milan, Gemorie’s team of designers conjured their line of Italian designed timepieces from the rich heritage of Milan fashion, keen attention to detail, and refined taste for fine craftsmanship.

Milan, Italy is home to the greatest fashion influencers and designers of our time, which is why Gemorie prides itself in conceiving the designs for their timepieces here. Milan is not just a fashion capitol, but also a lively, thriving headquarters for the arts, open-air restaurants, and music halls. The city is alive in every aspect of live, and naturally attracts visitors from all over the globe.

Gemorie’s mission is to create breathtaking watch collections for both men and women with distinct signature features and state-of-the-art Swiss movement technology. By incorporating bold designs with premium adornments, Gemorie’s watches are made to endure trends and fads. Our signature features include 18k gold plating, stainless steel casing, diamond zirconia accents, and quartz movement. As you explore our collection of timepieces, look for Gemorie’s distinct design features in each of our products.

Milan is a city centered on inspiration and fashion. Imagine yourself wearing one of our Italian designed timepieces out on a boat on Lake Como, dining at the infamous Il Fornaoi Ristorante, or shopping on the famous Quadrilatero d’Oro. Our classic yet bold watches are suitable for any occasion and can be worn for both day and night.

Gemorie upholds in high level of Italian design standards in every single timepiece, and is devoted to producing modern, precision timepieces with maximum fashion appeal and design details.

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